Spa with a Clinical Twist

Medical Spas have grown more than 700% in the last 10 years, according to the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors and Associations (NCEA).

1 Well-trained estheticians are in high demand by physicians who want to pair up esthetics with medicine. A survey conducted by Allergan revealed that 83% of women want to look as natural as possible to better reflect their personalities and emotional well-being.

2 This is great news for medical spas. A Technavio report showed that rather than going under the knife, women want more non-invasive alternatives—and they want these alternatives in a stress-free environment.

3 What does this mean for medical esthetics?

Well, steady triple figure annual growth within the next 10 years, for one.

Enter Medical Esthetics

The end of the 20th century saw a drastic spike in sophisticated skin care ingredients, formulations, modalities and drugs, largely due to the demand for anti-aging efficacy. This technology began to morph the spa industry, and medical spas emerged as a new category. Medical spas entered the scene in the 1990s to combine popular esthetic treatments with non-invasive medical procedures. A lot has changed since that time. Remember when microder­mabrasion was first introduced to estheticians in 1990s? They were done by a doctor, such as a dermatologist, but that has all changed in today’s esthetic landscape, and more changes are in the pipeline.Medical estheticians are no longer working in just medical spas, but have positions in a variety of clinics. It was a long and harsh journey for its acceptance in the beauty industry that we clearly have to sympathize with, but it is here to stay and progress. They are being employed at dentist offices, hospitals, health clinics, etc. Medical estheticians are being requested in dermatologists’ offices, where they were once competing for the same clients. Let’s face it, doctors cannot work alone and can greatly benefit from an esthetician’s expertise. Both working together as a team will ensure that they provide the client with the most advanced treatment and knowledge for a top-notch experience. We can expect to see this trending career expand into a world of its own in the near future.  Read More…

Source: Spa with a Clinical Twist

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